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. Government-Rebel Relations in the Wake of Power-Sharing Peace Agreements. In: Hartzell, Caroline / Mehler, Andreas (eds.) Power-Sharing and Power Relations After Civil War, Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2019.



Micro-Level Perspectives on Peace

How can peace best be promoted following civil war?

UN Security Zones and the Social Geography of Port-au-Prince

What is the effect of UN security zones on political and economic development?

The Political Economy of Power-Sharing

How does power-sharing affect resource redistribution after civil war?

Power-Sharing Event Dataset (PSED)

Measuring the promises and practices of power-sharing after civil war.

Rebel Organization and Violence Against Civilians

How does the organization of rebel groups shape civilian victimization in internal armed conflicts?


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How can peace best be promoted following civil war? We explore this question in a workshop at the University of Birmingham.